About Prime + Vine

We are a complete butcher shop featuring American Wagyu beef, Heritage Berkshire Pork, and free-range chicken from Woodruff’s Farm in Urbana, Ohio. We are also a complete wine shop, offering wine by the bottle for carry-out or by the glass in our beautiful wine bar.

All the meats in our butcher shop are sourced locally and are of the highest quality. Our American Wagyu beef comes from our own personal ranch located in Knox County, Ohio. Our beef is truly a farm-to-table solution. We have the cows from birth until they are harvested at our processor in Ashland, Ohio. By eliminating the middleman, we can control costs and ensure nothing but the highest quality beef available. Although our pork and chicken are not raised on our ranch, we have carefully selected farms that share our values and ethics to produce healthy, delicious, pork and chicken that is of outstanding quality.

How it Started

Prime and Vine began as a philosophy and belief that we could provide the most delicious, healthy, wholesome beef available in America today to the average American family at an affordable price. Major producers of beef, pork, and chicken have prioritized corporate profits over the quality of their products. We found that most consumers have no idea where their meat comes from or what health standards producers follow. Historically, large producers of beef and other meat products have injected their animals with high levels of antibiotics and growth hormones to make their animals grow as fast as possible while existing in deplorable living conditions. The result is inferior meat products and record-high company profits for producers. We knew we could do better.


The original business concept was to open a full-service butcher shop featuring American Wagyu beef, Heritage Berkshire Pork, and high-quality free-range chicken. When preparing a meal there are other items that might be needed such as spices, bread, vegetables, and wine. To meet this need we decided to expand the idea of our butcher shop to offer these additional products, adding light grocery and a retail wine shop. After locating the space at Evans Farm Marketplace, and seeing the sense of community that existed within this development, we decided to expand the retail wine shop and add a full-service wine bar. Customers can enjoy a glass of wine with friends, wine tastings, and other events within the space.

About Our Wine

Our wine shop boasts a unique selection of wines chosen by wine sommelier and educator, David Kusz. David’s selection of wines offers something for everyone, from the most decerning wine experts to the person just looking for a great glass of wine to share with someone special. To allow wine consumers the opportunity to try different wines, we have two NAPA Technology wine-tasting machines. These machines offer eight different wines available by the taste, half glass, or full glass. Customers will know if they truly enjoy a specific wine before having to invest in a full bottle.

To accompany the wines, we offer charcuterie available to eat in the wine bar or for carry-out. Our charcuterie boards are made fresh when ordered and come in three types, an Italian board, a Spanish board, and a Smoked board. Our boards offer specific meats, cheeses, fruits, and sweets tailored to the theme of each type of board.